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Disclaimer:This product is for informational purposes, and may not be suitable for legal, engineering or surveying purposes. This information or data is provided with the understanding that conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user.
Address - Use an address and radius.
(example: Find all permited air dischargers within 3 miles of 123 S Main st in Sherwood)
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(example: Find all permitted and regulated sites within 1 mile of lat 44.64/long -121.13)

Geographic/Facility - Use geographic boundaries and facility information.
(example: Find all Cleanup sites in Clackamas county)


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The following types of regulated facilities/sites can be found in this system:

  • Permitted air (excluding Lane county) and water dischargers;
  • Hazardous and solid waste sites;
  • Cleanup sites; and
  • Leaking and underground storage tanks (LUST/UST).

This site contains information on closed facilities, completed cleanups, and past operations as well as data on current operations and activities.

Display of a facility by the profiler does not necessarily indicate any current or past problem, violation, or hazardous condition. This site will present information in all sites stored in DEQ's databases. To find out more about a specific activity or location, contact DEQ, using the permit or identifier provided by the profiler.