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The Oregon DEQ LASAR Web application allows you to retrieve monitoring data from the Laboratory Analytical Storage and Retrieval (LASAR) database.
In the LASAR Web Application you will have the option to search for sampling data via an Interactive Map, or search by a combination of criteria from Geography, Stations, Subprojects, Sampling Cases, Parameters/Analytes or Dates to generate a result set.

PLEASE NOTE: As of December 1st, 2012, most new data is not being added to LASAR Web, which is now a repository of historic analytical data. A new system is in development and data currently in LASAR web will be migrated to the new system.
Until the new system is completed, new analytical data (collected after December 1st, 2012, will be available on request from the DEQ laboratory.
To request this data please contact the Technical Services Section of the DEQ laboratory at (503) 693-5781, or email

7/03/07 - Upgraded to Lasar Web v 1.34. See the linked report for changes.

The analytical data posted on LASARweb was generated to satisfy specific data quality objectives for the programs and projects under which they were generated. A portion of the samples were analyzed by organizations other than DEQ. Review of the non-DEQ generated data is limited to information supplied by the non-DEQ organization. Users of the data obtained from LASARweb must be able to understand potential limitations of the information and its suitability for their intended use. Field Quality Control samples should be reviewed for their potential impact on the samples in a sampling event, or multiple sampling events, involved for a project. Results with a data quality level of "B" and/or followed by "est" (estimated) have information pertaining to that result in the laboratory report to assist in the evaluating the limitations of the data. The reports are available in PDF on this site for sampling events since 2002. Data users are expected to review these reports to ascertain the suitability for their intended purposes.
I have read and understand the potential limitations of the data posted on LASAR Web Application

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